Account CreationEdit

First a Forum Account is made that is tied to the UCP In-Game, and the Wiki (possibly)


Interviews will be conducted before the User is permitted to create a character and join the server. This will either be done over a chat client or the forums via a randomly generated application to prevent canned answers.

  • If Accepted the player will then be directed to the UCP where they will make a character.
  • If Denied but shows sufficient interest and proper English skills, he will make a trial character to roleplay on.

After the player has "graduated" from Bayside Newbie Camp, they will be inserted into the general population and allowed to create a real character on the UCP.

Newbie CampEdit

A sealed-off version of Bayside managed by the Gamemaster Team

UCP Character CreationEdit

The user will be directed to the UCP where a a blank Character Sheet will be filled out. Upon completion, the player is unleashed unto Los Santos free to roleplay as he/she wishes

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