• Damage can only be done by Melee Weapons and Collisions
  • Anything else makes the car a nonTarget in the game
  • Cars do not explode either under any circumstance, unless explosives are being used nearby

Keys and Engine StartingEdit

  • Licenses will no longer be required to have to drive a vehicle, except to buy one firsthand from a dealership
  • Vehicle Keys will be required to start any vehicle.
  • When a Vehicle is left running and started the key is silently transferred to the car's inventory.
  • Any running vehicle can be driven by anyone

When it is shut of it, they key will transfer back into the possession of the last driver.

Speedometer, Mileage and DisrepairEdit

  • A speedometer HUD designed (One that doesn't have the OOC gaming community's logo preferebly xD)
  • Mileage that is accumulated, and which devalues the car over time
    • Increased Milage would result in a random check every time the car is started, and if it fails the car breaks down
  • Obviously, it the chances can't be overwhealming. But just that. Chance.
    • 10000 miles is a 1/2000 chance
    • 20000 is a 1/1800 chance
    • 30000 is a 1/1600 chance
    • 40000 is a 1/1400 chance
    • 50000 is a 1/1200 chance
    • 60000 is a 1/1000 chance
    • So on and so forth


If a player crashes, while inside the vehicle, the car is automatically locked to prevent nonrp autotheft.

VIN NumbersEdit

  • Each time a car is created from fresh off the lot, in is spawned with an inherent VIN number.
  • A unique identification string of numbers that the automakers have use to identify the car.
  • When the Car is Right-Click the Menu's Title will show the Make and VIN number of the Car.
    • Primo - 78398734 for example

License PlatesEdit

  • When first purchased, the license plate attached to the car will be blank
  • Player must venture to the DMV and obtain either a standard or personalized license plate, for around 200 USD or 300 USD respectively
  • Simultaneously, that Make and VIN Number get inserted into the database alson with the License Plate Number and Name of Buyer
    • License Plate, Make, VIN Number and Full Name will be stored in the DMV database which LEOs will have access to the database
  • License plates will be removable and be able to be placed on different vehicles

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