• When the Character's HP reaches zero they are forced into a /crack, /fallfront, or /fallback animation
  • They stay in this state until they are either /ck'd or until medical RPers bring their HP level back up

Bashing DamageEdit

  • Blunt Object damage to player if prolonged will lead to a state of Unconciousness IG. Resulting in a Crack animation
  • Vehicular injury will be an instant state of unconciousness, then will result in Death if not treated within a extended amount of time
  • Repeated Blunt object damage to the legs will make the player slow down

Blade and Explosive DamageEdit

  • Bladed weapons will cause a player to bleed out

Firearms DamageEdit

  • A headshot is instantaneously lethal
  • Shooting another character in the right hand, will force their weapon to be dropped.
  • Getting shot in either leg will make the character unable to run, succesive fire will slow speed down
  • If enough fiream damage is taken the character will began to bleed out resulting in Unconciousness, then an immediate death

States of InjuryEdit


  • Involuntary due to shock and trauma

Bleeding OutEdit


First Aid Kits and EMSEdit

First Aid KitsEdit

  • First Aid Kits when used by an untra

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