Localised ChatEdit

The Chat to be suitable for roleplay would have to be localized so only those nearby can engage

Descriptor CommandsEdit

  • /me - A descriptive command or action preceded by the actor's name
  • /do - Describing an action that is not direct
  • /area - A district environmental cue that notifies all in the area of a happening
  • /act - A /do that pops up over someone's head and doesn't appear in chat
  • /c - A low voice
  • /w - A whisper in the ear of someone

Out of Character ChatEdit

Only two forms of OOC communication will exist

  • /pm [ID] [text] -
  • /b - Local area OOC

/o and /f will not be endorsed or fuction

Character LimitEdit

If possible there will be no character limit per line in chat, or if nothing else the restrictions can be lifted

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