• Will have fixed area codes depending on the location of the TeleShack
  • Phones will ahve realistic numbers following the (xxx)-xxx-xxxx format

All items availiable at a TeleShack store


  • The ability to turn them on/off
  • Powerloss if not charged
  • A Similar keypad menu and a contacts list
  • Unique numbers for each phone.

Prepaid CellphonesEdit

  • Has a certain amount of minutes on it
  • Rechargable through use of Minute Cards


Function like payphones in a fixed area

  • Use the keypad menu without the Insert Dollar button
  • Can be tapped


  • A right click menu at payphones with the title bar displaying the fixed number of that payphone
    • The menu itself will be a keypad with an Insert Dollar function to begin the dialing process
    • Secondarily, /checkpayphone and /payphone, can be used to engage in using it, perhaps.
  • To the reciever of the call, the payphone's fixed number will be displayed on the caller's ID


=Radios and Walkie TalkiesEdit

Radios and FrequenciesEdit

Walkie TalkiesEdit

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