Overview and SytematicsEdit

  • A System that seperates Firearms, from Magazines and Clips, and Ammunition
  • Crosshairs will be removed
  • Damage will increase for all the firearms, to reflect realism


  • The Colt 45 will be available for purchase by licensed individuals from Ammunations or player-owned gun shops.


  • Will use the Colt 45 charicateristics, but be seperate object In-Game
  • Will be treated as a weapon with a permanent magazine in it, mechanics wise
  • Will have a capacity of 6 shots only

Silenced PistolEdit

  • As Seperate Item that is combined with the Colt 45 will replace it with a Silenced Pistol
  • They will be available on the black market only, as they are illegal

Law Enfocement Service PistolEdit

The Deagle will be the official sidearm of Uniformed Law Enforcement factions, due to it's dual nature.


Pump Action ShotgunEdit

  • Will be the standard Shotgun
  • Will be availiable to purches at Ammunation and gun-shops

Riot-Control ShotgunEdit

  • A shotgun with non-lethal capacity
  • Will use the Shotgun model

Double Barreled ShotgunEdit

  • Will use the regular shotgun model
  • Will have double the damage of the regular shotgun, but less than the sawn-off
  • Will use the Sawnoff mechanics, of double barreled fire
  • Can be altered to a Sawnoff through roleplay

Sawnoff ShotgunEdit

  • Will be illegal to own and considered a weapon of mass destruction.


Sniper RiflesEdit

  • Will only be available through the drop off system

Regular RifleEdit

  • Will be availiale at the Ammunation and gun shops

Submachine GunsEdit

Street WeaponsEdit

  • The Tec-9 & Micro SMG are banned by the State of San Andreas

Police WeaponsEdit

  • The SMG is to used by SWAT

Special FirearmsEdit

RPGs will be availiable to the National Guard only, but not for use. They will stockpile said items. Also, available from black market dropoffs

Magazines and ClipsEdit

Magazines and Clips of Various capacities and caliber will be available to non-licensed characters.



Clips will be used for Rifles and come in different capacities


  • Boxes of Bullets availiable in all Ammunations as well as local gun stores run by players.


Serial NumbersEdit

Each weapon bought legally will have a randomly generated serial number on it. Characters inclined can also scratch these away.


  • Scriptwise - Any of the 3 licenses allows the same items to be purchased
  • However they will be three different items so they can be distinguished IG


  • General Permit -
  • Open Carry -
  • Concealed Carry -

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