The Head of Factions will appoint a team that is in charge of dealing with how illegal factions procure Guns and Drugs. This will be a series of well-planned characters, likely created on a special account that is used between members of the the team.


Semyon BorodinEdit

A Czech-born Russian Nationalist, and international arms dealer based on Yuri Orlov from Lord of War. He mainly deals in Soviet surplus weaponry. AK-47s will be very cheap. As will Sub Machine guns Can acquire an RPG-7

Adam QuinnEdit

Arms dealer for the RIRA. Offers Semtex and PE4, as well as AK47s at a higher price that Semyon, as well as handguns. And when asked and notified beforehand can acquire an RPG-7

Jose RamirezEdit

A Columbian contact of a Columbian Cartel will mainly peddle cocaine and if asked will probably be able t

Giulano ArdizzoniEdit

Sicilian Mafia member who smuggles in pure heroin and Military Arms such as Beretta handguns and M4s

Akiva HershlagEdit

Big Aki is a Israeli mobster and MDMA wholesaler whom distributes both pure MDMA and ecstacy pills in Los Santos

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