Overseer - The Server's Chief authority. Has the power of veto over the Board and Executive officials. However, generally gives them autonomy and macromanages the server.

Board of DirectorsEdit

Reputed long-standing, well-respected members of the community that act in accordance with the Executive Board for the betterment of the server.

Chairman - Elected member of the Board which represent the rest of the members and brings the problems to the Executives.

Executive OfficialsEdit

  • Head of Factions - Chief Administrator responsible for fulfilling duties that factions require
  • Head of Staff - Chief Administrator whose duty it is to keep the staff occupied, compliant and other matters involving them
  • Head of Development - Chief Administrator whom spearheads development, managing it's subdivisions
  • Head of Property Management - Cheif Administrator who manages and resolves requests involving interior management

Administration TeamEdit

Lead AdministratorsEdit

Prime AdministratorsEdit


Commission TeamEdit

Chief CommissionersEdit

Deputy CommissionersEdit


Development TeamEdit

Scripting DivisionEdit

Head Scripter

Website DivisionEdit


Design DivisionEdit

Graphic Design

Mapping DivisionEdit

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